Welcome to HANDYMAN READING – where the golden touch becomes synonymous with excellence in the realm of construction.

What do we specialize in?


Handyman Reading berkshire establishing a renovation and repair company that offers a wide range of services, starting from fixing minor issues and performing small tasks (such as installing wall lights or connecting lamps), through to executing comprehensive installations like plumbing and electrical systems, and concluding with room renovations, such as kitchens, bathrooms, or entire properties. Additionally, we specialize in water-based underfloor heating installations and central vacuum systems. Furthermore, we provide services aimed at caring for and arranging outdoor spaces (e.g., installing ground irrigation systems, establishing and maintaining lawns, raking leaves). We offer warranties for our services and issue VAT invoices.


Renovations and Finishing

We will carry out comprehensive or minor renovations, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and rooms, as well as so-called 'turnkey' interior finishes. We will paint, lay panels,

Electrical services

We will perform electrical installations for you, create new lighting points, connect household appliances, install antennas, alarm systems...

Gardening services

We will arrange and take care of your garden space. We will trim trees, mow the lawn, plant flowers, install a system...

Carpentry and locksmith services

We will modify, install, and repair your furniture, design and create sliding wardrobes, as well as other custom-purpose furniture...

Plumbing services

We will perform comprehensive water and sewage installations as well as central heating for you. We will repair leaking faucets and eliminate any...

Additional services

We will carry out minor repairs for you, such as changing locks, installing items like blinds and curtain rods. We can assist with moving, provide services such as...