Our service price list

We provide competitive and transparent prices for our services, always striving to minimize your expenses while ensuring professionalism and high-quality service. When purchasing materials, we collaborate with specialized companies, and thanks to the discounts granted to us by these companies, we can also reduce the costs of purchased materials for our clients.

For renovations, finishing work, and projects involving the combination of several services, we prepare attractive offers where the cost of individual tasks is lower than in the presented price list. For periodic inspections and maintenance of facilities belonging to your company or institution, we also provide favorable pricing offers.

Prices in the price list are for informational and indicative purposes only (unless the price list specifies otherwise), inclusive of VAT, and only for tasks whose difficulty and labor intensity can be preliminarily determined. For the service or services on a given day, we add a travel cost of 20 GB

For services for which prices have not been specified, we prepare individual quotes, considering your needs and expectations, determining the nature of the malfunction, or after our company has familiarized itself with the facility related to the service or where the service will be carried out.


To schedule a meeting or receive a quote, please contact us by phone at +44 7477085236 or through the contact form.